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Did you know that the average household in Canada is no carrying around $9,000 just in credit card debt alone? That's without taking into account other loans people might have, or their store cards, their overdrafts and any other debts. The level of debt faced by Canadians today is truly frightening, and thousands of people just like you are crying out for help with their finances!

Good News. There is a Solution

Here at DebtCafe Canada, we are offering people exactly what they need. Debt relief is the one true solution that can get people back on their feet, without having to borrow any more or stay in debt for any longer.

Debt relief is a legal process which focuses on negotiating with your creditors to accept a reduced amount of money for the debt they are currently owed. Once the agreement has been made between you and your creditor, the creditor will make an official report to credit agencies stating that the debt has been settled in full, and that you no longer have any debts outstanding with them. Sounds like a dream come true right? Well, it can be your dream very soon...

Organizing Debt Relief

The first step in organizing a debt relief solution for you is to contact one of our debt counselors and tell them about your situation. Once we understand your financial situation, and if we agree that debt relief is the best solution for you, will set about organizing a reduced monthly payment that you can afford. This money will be paid into an account in your name, which you have full control over. Once funds start to accrue, we'll step in to negotiate with creditors on your behalf, making a reasonable offer to resolve your debts one at a time, until each creditor accepts a reduced amount.

You'll end up with monthly outgoings that are far lower than what you are paying now. In fact, we can guarantee that you'll be able to easily afford your new payment and still have enough cash left over to live comfortably while you pay off your debts.

Debt relief is a viable solution for many different kinds of unsecured debt, including credit cards, unsecured bank loans, department store cards, medical bills, personal loans, overdrafts and more.

Get Started with Debt Relief

It's possible to apply for debt relief right now! Why hang around and delay the inevitable? Your debts aren't going to go away any time soon; in fact, the longer you leave them, the worse they will become!

You can contact one of our debt counselors today - it only takes five minutes to fill out the application form and book your appointment with one of our qualified experts. We'll be in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange a time when we can contact you and talk about your debt situation face-to-face. There are many different options that can help you get out of debt, and once we understand your problem we'll be happy to suggest and set up the best one for you.

Please, don't waste any more time. You hate being in debt and we hate seeing you suffer, especially when there really is no need! Contact us now and get your life back to normal, it really is possible!

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